Health in Hotel Zontaja in Galtür

The air quality makes Galtür a very special place

We have it officially. Since 1997, Galtür has been a climatic health-resort, the first official health-resort in Tirol. Over several years, the air and pollutants were measured and various expert assessments and opinions obtained. We really knew it all the time, that the air up here is better than elsewhere and beneficial to our health. The air quality and climate make Galtür a very special place. As Galtür is not located in a basin, it is guaranteed that the air here can always circulate. Pollution by harmful substances such as sulphur dioxide, dust, nitrogen monoxide, carbon monoxide and ozone is thus well under the average. Thanks to the altitude of Galtür, the village is free of house dust mites and thus particularly recommended for people suffering from respiratory problems.

Climatic health-resort Galtür

Those allergic to pollen can breathe freely again here. Merely those allergic to grass and alder will have two expect higher readings occasionally. But since there is a pollen trap in the village which continuously measures the pollen count, it is easy to plan your activities ahead. Thus sports activities are also no problem for those suffering from allergy. For your climatic health holidays, there is also an experienced physician on site who has concerned himself intensively with the climatic benefits of Galtür and will ensure your medical attendance. A stay in Galtür is the best medicine for diseases of civilisation. Those who are healthy, naturally want to stay healthy. We have long known the simplest and most basic means and remedies for this, yet it appears as if we had forgotten them. A sensible diet, preferably with organic produce from the region, and regular exercise contribute a great deal to personal well-being. We'll take care of your meals with premium produce. In the meantime, you can do yourself some good and join in one of the guided weekly hikes by the Alpine Club Galtür.

Healthy holidaying in Hotel Zontaja

A sustainable lifestyle is something that's very important to us. We show this by favouring seasonal and regional produce in our kitchen, which if possible is also organically grown. On demand, we'll also be happy to allow for any food allergies and intolerances you may have in our cooking. On request, this can be discussed with our head chef Philipp every day in the morning (especially the evening menu). When furnishing our hotel, we also placed great value on using local wood and building materials that have a positive effect on the interior climate. In addition, our hotel has no less than 4 rooms (2x Zontaja Superior and 2x Fluchthorn), which were designed especially for allergy sufferers, without carpets. Barrier-free access is also provided for, the new Fluchthorn room provides the highest level of comfortability even for people with physical limitations. As you can see: Your health is important to us!