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Your room is ready at 03:00pm. An earlier arrival is possible at any time, however, we cannot guarantee that the rooms are available before 03:00pm.

Alpinarium Galtür (Museum of Galtür)

Opening times – always from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00am to 06:00pm


2x directly at the village square of Galtür



One bathrobe per adult person is for free during your stay. Please leave the bathrobe at your room at the day of departure. If you would like to buy it or you take it away the costs are EUR 59,00.


Raiffeisenbank Galtür - right at the village square - opening times from Monday to Friday between 08:00am to 12:00am and 02:00pm to 05:00pm - Saturday, Sunday and holidays - closed


The bus stop to both directions - Galtür and Ischgl, is directly infront of our Hotel. You´ll receive a timetable at the reception. During winter season the bus is for free. In summer the us is inclusive when you use your Silvretta card.


Credit cards

We accept VISA and Mastercard

Childrens playing room

Is located in the basement. Our children's playroom is permanently controlled via video with wireless. If you don´t agree to that please don´t allow your child the entry.


More information – directly at the reception.



We ask you to leave your room on the day of departure until latest 10:30am. (Please return your Key Card at the reception). To avoid long waiting times at the day of departure, we ask you to pay your hotel bill until 22:00pm the night before. A late check-out (costs from EUR 60.00 per double room) is only possible in consultation with the reception.


Family Practice - Dr. Treidl, in the center of Galtür – Tel: 0043/5443/8276
e-mail: -
Night Service Emergency: 141
Family Practice - Dr. Walser in the center of Ischgl – Tel: 0043/5444/52000



You can book consumations of any kind to your room (please announce your room number to the waiter) We ask you to check your bills the next morning on your breakfast table – and than please sign. Your signature will help us to avoid later complaints. Should the bill not be signed, we assume that this has been accapted by you.


Dial (??) - medical emergency at night or on weekends 141

Emergency exit - escape routes

You get from each floor to the outside via the signposted track. Please use during a fire alarm NOT the elevator. Emergency exit information - see it at the inside of your room entrance door.



You can use the Fax at the reception - Faxnr.: 0043/5443/8538/8


Guest card

You get it at the reception. With the guest card you have thus benefits at different facilities.


Hotel front door

Your key card opens the Hotel front door also during the night - the entrance to the wellness center is possible during the opening times (as posted) - The entrance to the skiroom is permitted until 08:00pm.


„Krankenhaus St. Vincent“ in Zams
Tel.: 0043/5442 600

Hiking card (only during summer time)

Per Room you will receive upon arrival a local hiking map - with all the routes from easy to medium and difficult and the corresponding compass card.



The access link for the free wi-fi is available at the Reception. For High-speed Internet you have to pay extra!

Inclusive drinks

Drinks are included during dinner at the dining area from 06:30pm to 08:30pm (winter) 06:30pm to 08:00pm (summer) - all drinks which are consumed outside of the dining room will be charged without exception. 


Library „zum Lesa“

At the “Alpinarium Galtür” – you can see the opening times at the notice board at the reception.

Laundry Service (surcharge)

For detailed information, please ask at the front desk.


Mass (Catholic)

At the church - right in the center of Galtür (mass plan – you can see it at the notice board at the reception).

Meal times

Breakfast: from 07:30am to 10:00am
Afternoon snack: from 03:00pm to 05:00pm
Dinner: from 06:30pm to 08:30pm

Menu choice

Please check your wished main dish for the evening at the breakfast table. If you don´t like to take the dinner in the evening – tell this directly to the reception until 10:00am an than you´ll get a reduction of EUR 10,00 per person and day.  



There are daily newspapers (subject to availability), on loan for you at reception.

Night rest

From 11:00pm to 07:00am



We fell sorry but pets are not allowed in our Hotel – because we are a hotel specially for allergic persons.

Parking space

You have a reserved parking space per room, right in front of our house. Each parking lot is marked with your personal hotel room number.


Prepaid postcards can be left at the reception.


Directly a the municipality office of Galtür.


At the doctor – Dr. Treidl at the center of Galtür.


You have to unlock your phone from the reception – reception can be reached with the DW 9. From the room you can choose directly outward. Lift handset "0" wait for an outside line, then dial the respective number of the wished country and than telephone number. One unit will be charged with EUR 0.25. Internal calls are free of charge. All you need is to choose the respective room number. Should you wish to receive a call from abroad, please just choose: 0043/5443/8538-hotelnumber.

Important telephone numbers Country codes:

Reception DW 9
Emergency doctor (night and weekend) 0-141 0049
Firemen 0-122
Police 0-133 
Rescue 0-144 
Telephone information 0-118877

Belgium 0032
Germany 0043
France 0033 
Italy 00390
Luxembourg 00352
Netherlands 0031
Switzerland 0041



Our reception is daily opened from 08:00am to 11:00pm. During this period we are there for information at any time at your disposal. Please contact us with number “9“

Rucksack (in summer)

For your hike or your trip, you have a backpack during your stay, on loan. (depending on availablity)


Silvrettacard (only during summer time)

You get your Silvretta Card (1 ticket per person) on the day of arrival at the reception, this is valid from arrival up to the day of departure. The included services, please refer to the Silvretta Card Folder - available at the reception.


All of our rooms have a personal safe. (Operating instructions directly by the safe)

Ski lifts and cable cars

Are reachable by the free ski and hiking bus. This stops right outside our hotel. The time table is posted at the front desk. A bus schedule, is available at the front desk.

Ski- and skiboot room

It´s situated at the basement and it´s opend for you from 07:30am to 08:00pm – only with your room card.



Our TV list is following to this hotel information



A special kind of a gift. We create your individual voucher at the reception.

[Translate to EN:] Abreise

[Translate to EN:] Wir bitten Sie Ihr Zimmer am Abreistag bis spätestes 10:30 Uhr frei zu machen. (Key Card bitte abgeben). Um am Abreistag lange Wartezeiten zu vermeiden, bitten wir Sie Ihre Hotelrechnung, am Vorabend bis 22:00 Uhr zu begleichen. Ein Late Check out (Kosten ab EUR 60,00 pro Doppelbettzimmer) ist nur in Absprache mit der Rezeption möglich.


Breakfast: from 07:30am to 10:00am
snack in the afternoon: from 03:00pm to 05:00pm
Dinner: from 06:30 to 08:30pm in winter from 06:30 to 08:00pm in summer

Hiking guide (in summer)

you get a hiking guide - with all the different tours - for a little price at the recepiton