Passion meets cordiality

A feel-good home with a passion.

We are already in the 2nd generation of running the Hotel Zontaja. We have been putting our hearts, our passion as hosts and our visions into our dream since 1991. Following work carried out in 1997 and 2005, we took a further step in 2016 and decided to renovate and partially refurbish the hotel. Your holiday home has been constantly evolving ever since and is modernised and brought up to date every year.

Being a family-run hotel, each family member has their own area of responsibility, for example Philipp wields the wooden spoon in the kitchen, his wife Maria welcomes our dear guests and handles enquiries as well as requests, Philipp's mother Hannelore keeps the rooms clean and father Hubert can be found all over the hotel, taking care of everything that comes up and always keeping an eye on the bigger picture.
We and our team work hard every day to ensure you have a holiday filled with moments of happiness.

A matter close to our hearts

Our philosophy and deep convictions

  • Authentic Tyrolean hospitality and warmth
  • Modern design and a cosy atmosphere in a three-star superior ambience
  • Regional products of the highest quality
  • Family friendliness
  • Free drinks with your evening meal

The fact that our guests enjoy these benefits every day and feel completely at ease on holiday with us is a matter close to our hearts. If anything does not meet your expectations, please do not hesitate to let us know, because that's the only way we can continue to improve and make your holiday the best it can be.

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